MindSong iOS App

MindSong is designed to help you find a calm and clear mind. It works by reading signals from the MindWave mobile EEG headset and turning those into a changing soundscape. The sounds are created by your brain activity; moving towards silence as calmness is achieved.

Uni Mixer

Uni Mixer was created during a hackathon. I used a motorized fader with an Arduino, Python and OSC (Open Sound Control) to create a 1-fader mixing console.


Resumoo is a recruiting website I’ve started specifically for software engineers. I’m looking to connect software engineers to quality recruiters, cutting out unnecessary recruiter spam and getting engineers in positions that match their skills. The approach is different than other recruiting sites. The site streamlines the recruiting process by matching serious recruiters with skilled engineers without all the noise.

Artists On Art Interview

Artists On Art Interview with Nada Miljkovic regarding Stanford graduation and Hear Now with Mikey Siegel.

Face Place

Face Place is an awesome iOS app that allows you to explore what it’s like to place your face on a picture. I created this as part of Paul Hegarty’s iOS course CS193p at Stanford.

You can see it on the app store or at it’s website.



Performance for the world premier of the Banamophone. I created this using Makey Makey, an arduino-like inventino kit used to explore the world ( Surprisingly, most object conduct electricity: Your hands, bananas, even lips. The bananamophone works through a collection of open and closed circuits that trigger MIDI notes on a computer. No bananas were harmed in the making of this.

EMMA – Electro Marimba Music Automator

I designed and created an automated marimba using solenoids powered by Arduino microcontroller and Beagle Board SBC running Linux. As the player turns a motorized handle, solenoids strike the keys and the player receives haptic feedback, analogous to a toy music box. I worked with Afrooz Family and Kevin Dade.

In*Spire – To Breathe

iPhone app for breath awareness using accelerometer for audio biofeedback. We breathe to live. How can we sonify to bring us to our senses?  User Experience Testing – Over 50 users tested at the CCRMA Modulations concert, SF – April 2012, via interactive sound/art installation.  Users experienced relaxation and heightened awareness of breath.

MP3 Encoder/Decoder

I was involved in a team, lead by Marina Bosi, to create an MPEG encoder/decoder in Python from the ground up. By applying the principles of psychoacoustics, masking, equal loudness contours and audio dsp, it is surprisingly possible to get considerable data reduction with minimal compromising of audio quality.


Coded @ 128 kbps:

Breathing LED

An object becomes a thing when it is somehow made to stand out against the backdrop of the world in which it exists, otherwise known as “Thing Theory”. The sleep status light on an Apple MacBook fades on and off at the rate of the average adult breathing rhythm. See my analysis of the breathing LED through the lens of an archaeological designer (directed by Prof Michael Shanks).

Beau Silver – Breathing LED Website

Crying Charlie – Tuned For Empathy

Emotional Design Project linking the user’s voice to baby cry/laugh sounds to create emotional feedback loop, displaying our biological attunement to empathy.  User Experience Testing – Over 20 users tested at the Stanford and various locations.  A baby’s cry induced anxiety, fear and hopelessness while giggling induced relief, joy and satisfaction, especially when the user understood their actions had an effect on the ‘mood’ of the baby.


Artist Synth Hack

I hijacked a digital audio workstation controller, normally used to control faders and knobs in audio software, to create music.